Miscommunication. Words strung together in carefully crafted lines. Lines that are misunderstood, almost every single time. Feelings that are hurt because we misrepresented our sides. An argument ensues, devoid of sound mind.

We said this, but meant that. What’s meant as a plea transforms to an attack. These words that we hurl, we can never take back. What happens in that space between what we meant and what we asked? How come nothing is as simple as a statement of fact?

We try to explain our insides, show them to another. We get lost in translation, confusing each other. A concept so simple becomes distorted, we’re flustered. Why can’t we simply understand one another?

Inside our minds, the thoughts were seamless and neat. But when they exit our mouths they’re garbled, unclean. The side we meant to show becomes an emotion tainted scene. And every word out of our mouths is not what we mean. Why isn’t real life ever like the movies?

When feelings are involved, things get messy. I need a mediator, someone to express me. Cause when I say words I’m devoid of the blessing, of saying things without second guessing. I question myself till I’m backed in a corner and it feels like everything’s so out of order. No wonder my words confound, they’ve become distorted. Because I’m so worried of words misworded.

This need to be understood, turns everything bad that started as good. Why can’t I say my words the way I type this page? In simple lines, easy to gauge. Easy to read, no misconceptions. Communication is a bitch of a lesson.

If only I could talk as well as I write my expressions.

by Ashley Hebner

© All Rights Reserved 2016


2 thoughts on “Miscommunication

  1. For what it’s worth; Aldus Huxley had some interesting thoughts about communication and miscommunication. If I recall correctly he pointed out that there is a measurable difference between knowledge and understand. He said the knowledge is public and understanding is private. It made sense to me when I read it that people can know what you mean because the information is public but they can not understand what you mean because the experience is yours and yours alone. It makes clarity difficult to attain. Here is one of his quotes that applies IMHO.
    “But the things which make us human are precisely the things which interfere with self-realization and prevent understanding. We are humanized by imitating others, by learning their speech, and by acquiring the accumulated knowledge which language makes available. But we understand only when, by liberating ourselves from the tyranny of words, conditioned reflexes, and social conventions, we establish direct, unmediated contact with experience.”
    Also I found something on WordPress that is also interesting:


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