Pretty Little Mouths

I've never been the type,
To "smile sweetly and agree",
with any man's words,
just because he was a "he".
I'll always speak my mind,
regardless of the effect,
cause I know my worth,
and it isn't found on my back.
You won't shut me up,
and you can't make me behave.
Now wouldn't you be lucky,
if I was just tits and legs?
But God gave me this brain,
to use as a gift or a weapon.
What I use it as,
all depends on your intentions.
But I refuse to fit this mold,
of smiling while quiet.
These norms that we hold,
are a silent form of violence.
I'm not your "little lady",
I won't be your play thing.
If you think you're gonna "save me",
you haven't seen me swing.
I'm never gonna "need you";
that's called independence.
I don't wanna be a "bad bitch",
cause my mama raised a woman.

It seems men always say,
"I'm not like other guys".
But will you feel the same,
when I reject your pick up lines?
Or does me not wanting you,
still make me the "prude"?
I must've forgotten,
I'm only good for fucking you.
Women are always told,
that their only value's in their parts,
"Get yourself some tits",
No one cares about your heart.
"Lose a couple pounds",
"Contour that nose",
"Pluck your eyebrows" to shit,
"Don't wear too many clothes".
"Stand straight as an arrow",
and "Suck that tummy in",
You don't get to say no,
"You're just a little woman."

Well I say "What the fuck is that?!"
Do we really look that dumb?
What you got away with before,
This double standard bullshit,
has women fucking pissed.
How's it feel to know,
without us you don't exist?
They say pussy scares men,
and I believe it to be true.
Cause since the dawn of time,
we've been silenced and abused.
But now the time has come,
for the empowerment of women.
No longer will we live,
as second class citizens.

Now don't get me confused,
I know there's "good guys".
But the ones who speak up?
They're a rare thing to find.
And really, that's okay,
we don't need men to defend us,
cause with our "pretty little mouths",
we'll fight all who come against us.

by Ashley Hebner
© All Rights Reserved 2016

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