Poison People

I’ve lived a life,
where I’ve had to learn,
Just how dirty a word can sound.
I’ve seen some things
that leave their scars,
And make your dreams scream,
razor sharp.
I’ve experienced pain,
That can darken your soul,
Not the kind you overcome,
But the shit that takes hold.
Cause the things you intake,
Define what you become.
What goes in your eyes,
Rolls off of your tongue.
The evil seeps in,
And the vile spills out,
And you’re spinning, you’re spinning,
Your mind’s freaking out.
Do you transform,
Into the poison that raised you?
Or do you suffer long and hard
To not let it change you?
Cause damage taken,
Is damage that makes you,
But it’s up to you,
If you let it debase you.
You could fight hard,
Hold onto your humanity,
But it comes with a struggle,
The cost of surviving insanity.
Or you can become the demons,
Inside your head,
Cause we all know monsters,
live inside of men.
And it’s damaged children,
just like us,
Who become poison people,
just like them.

by Ashley Hebner

© All Rights Reserved 2016

Featured image by http://princessmaggiemor.blogspot.com/?m=1


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