The Woman Behind the Words

What’s up guys? I’m Ashley. I’m writing this page so you can get to know me a little better.

Like my “About” says, I’m 26. I was born in Florida in 1990 but I can’t really say that I’m “from” anywhere. I’ve lived all over the East Coast. Currently I live in Chester County with my family. I have a happy, simple life and it’s my personal goal to really embrace living it instead of just existing and coasting by. 

I have a beautiful daughter, Torvi Mahlia, born January 13th, 2017 (a Friday the 13th baby) and she is the love of my life. I never thought I’d be able to have children so she is truly my miracle. I love her more than any of my words could ever describe. She’s given me purpose, drive, and unconditional love. She’s my whole world. 

I’ve been writing since I was 13 years old but, this is my FIRST ever venture into sharing it with the world. I started out with poems and journals, which were only read by my foster mom and two best friends. It was at least 6 years later before I let anyone else see my writing. I started writing for me. I was trying to find away to handle all the things that happened in my life and my foster mom suggested it. Since then, various friends and family members have read my stuff and said that I “have a special gift for making the reader feel the way I felt when I wrote or experienced it.” A few friends have said that my writing really inspired or helped them. All of these comments made me uncomfortable. I’m not so good with compliments lol. Never have been. However, I do believe that my life, if anything, could be good for helping others know that they’re not alone. Maybe, it will even inspire other people to share honestly about their own experiences.

I write about what I know. I’m a recovering addict; so I write about the disease of addiction. I’m an abuse survivor; so I write about abuse. I’m a black sheep and a misfit, so I write about standing out, speaking up, being different. I have Fibromyalgia, a blood disorder, and other various chronic illnesses, so I write about sickness and how it impacts my life. I’m a woman; therefore, I write about feminism, vaginas, and just about anything else I damn well please😏. I’m a living, breathing, human being; so I write about life. Writing saved my life. Hopefully, it will in some way, help someone else like it’s helped me.

I think it’s insane and frankly, stupid to believe that you can learn everything about a person by reading their work or their “About” section. I do however believe that if a writer is honest, then their work can show a piece of their soul. I believe that words are powerful. I believe they can change lives. I believe that one person’s heart can reach out and touch another’s, leaving them changed.

I’m a bit of an idealist. Did ya figure that out yet? 🙂 Maybe I’m a dreamer. I never had hopes and dreams growing up. They were a luxury that I learned I could not afford early on. I just assumed I would always get the shit end of the life stick and do what I had always done: survive. Now that I’m older, my life is happier and more peaceful than I ever could have hoped for. Want to know a secret though? While I may know how to survive, I have no idea how to live. How to slow down, “smell the roses”, and really enjoy my life. That is the other reason why I created this blog. So at least once each day I can stop, do something I really enjoy, and take one more step towards learning how to live instead of just survive.  

by Ashley Hebner

© All Rights Reserved 2017