Why I’m a Feminist

Inspired by Anna Fonté If I Had a Dollar (Why I Am A Feminist)

https://thegirlinthehat.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/if-i-had-a-dollar-why-i-am-a-feminist/… Check out her WordPress. It’s amazing.

Here are my reasons…
Because I refuse to smile pretty and die silently. Because 90% of the time I’m hired because of my looks, not my skills and experience. Because my mother never could bring home a man who didn’t try to either fuck me or kill me. Because my mouth is good for more than just sucking. And because the female body, in all its magnificence, was not created for male pleasure.

Because I don’t believe that “boys will be boys.” Because I’ve been tattooing for almost a decade yet every shop that has ever hired me has said some version of “We all know hot chicks bring in clients.” Because those same shops also asked me to wear a bikini and walk up and down the street with Promotional Flyers. Because the resident body piercer said he’d let me “practice genital piercings on him”… in the bathroom. Because when I was 7 years old I had to testify because my sister’s piece of shit father didn’t even have the decency to plead guilty. Because I sent that man to jail for a 25 year sentence and a life sentence, to be served consecutively. Because I made that pervert’s lawyer look pretty stupid when I said “You’re twisting my words. You can’t mess me up when I’m telling the truth.” Because that man will die in that prison. And he deserves too.

Because I believe that woman are beautiful, magnificent creatures and their bodies are to be worshipped and protected; not violated. Because there’s more to me than tits and ass. Because my right hook is as “nice” as some men say my ass is. Because “rape culture” is a real thing. Because raped women are still being asked how much they drank and what they were wearing.

Because we live in a sick and twisted world and someone needs to be. Because I know I can support women without hating men. Because of “make me a sandwich.” Because of “women belong in the kitchen.” Because of “Girls like pink. Not black.” Because when I was 12 and had the fastest fast ball of all the boys on the team the coach wouldn’t let me join because “girls can’t play baseball.” Because I believe in standing up for what I believe in. Because women should not just obey their husbands regardless of if they’re wrong. Because a cat call is not a proper date invitation. Nor is fucking in his basement a goodnight kiss.

Because I believe women deserve to be walked to the door. Because women deserve respect. Because we live in the world that pins women against women. Because my gender is not a fucking sport. Because I am just as smart, just as funny, just as quick-witted, and just as hard working. Because we are resilient. Because sexism is real. Because we market body parts like new cars but treat them worse. Because I don’t believe in sex shaming. Because I’ll do what I want, when I want with my body. Because I’ve watched fathers teach their son to be abusers. Because my daughters will never know the life I knew growing up. Because you “can’t rape” a prostitute. Because “you can’t get pregnant from legitimate rape.” Because even after that man renounced his own claims, they still continued to be published and spread.

Because I have seen what happens when women close their mouths, smile pretty, and obey their husbands. Because I know what rape feels like. Because I believe posts like this one NEED to be written, even if it’s a lot of personal information. Because maybe it will help one woman like me.

Because if no one else will protect and defend women, I. Fucking. Will.


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