Tell Me Anything Tuesday 

This is something I started last year and had long since forgotten. But once upon a time, it was awesome to see so many unique responses. The best conversations oftentimes come from the most random places. And so, this is your chance 🙂

Tell me your stories, your secrets, your random ramblings. Ask me anything, start a debate, tell me what you’re thinking at this very second. Dump your shit here and I will read it without judgement and respond with love, honesty, and acceptance (or hysterical laughter depending on what you choose to share). There are no limitations, boundaries, or rules. You can tell me… ANYTHING 🙂

Let’s see if anyone responds…
by Ashley King

© All Rights Reserved 2017


4 thoughts on “Tell Me Anything Tuesday 

  1. I lie to my reflection every day by saying, “No, your grey hairs haven’t doubled overnight.”
    (Sighs) kids.


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