Ask Me Anything Monday

This is a little fun exercise I used to do last year that fell into obscurity between working and being pregnant. Soooo, I’m giving it a shot again. If you’re interested, ask away 🙂 

Submit any questions, queries, or random wonderings you may have! 🙂 As always, it can be a personal question about me or my life or it can be completely random. And I promise to answer it as completely and honestly as I can! There are no rules or limitations. Let’s go! 
Much love,

Ashley King

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9 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything Monday

    1. Hmmm… I always struggle with this one. I think being able to read people’s minds first every single time because I love seeing how people work and that’s not even mentioning the ways it could help in work and with relationships. But then I consider the fact that everyone has a right to their own privacy and it could also cause me and those around me a lot of harm. Then I always just decide on the ability to reach into my pocket and pull out whatever I need at that moment, whether that be a diaper and wipes or a Lamborghini lol.

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    1. It’s amazing. I am so completely in love with my daughter (who just turned 3 months old). I didn’t think it could ever be more than when I first laid eyes on her but it’s just continued to grow and grow since. It’s super stressful some days (naturally) but it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever done. Just bought a house and am excited for that because ever since the baby was born we’ve been practically running into each other in the apartment. So that’s fun. But I’m nervous to move to another state and away from everyone I love here.

      You didn’t know? I could’ve sworn you answered a few of them last year!

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      1. I’m really pleased that things have worked out for you like this and I hope the move goes well.
        As for asking before… Wow.. It shows that my memory is going, shows my age lol. I know we’ve chatted a bit but I can’t remember. That’s so bad of me… Sorry.


          1. Haha… Thanks girl. Its funny because some things i remember rigidly without trying and others i don’t.
            It must be amazing for you to have that baby love. Enjoy every second 😊


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