How Long?

I wonder how long it takes to get over a life changing love…

How long is it before you stop thinking of them at least once a day?

How long will it be till you can listen to that song, smell that cologne, see those pictures, without that gnawing in your gut?

How long till you stop wondering how they’re doing?

How long until you don’t hold your breath every time a memory surfaces?

Does it ever end? Or is it an unavoidable, infinite part of loving someone with every stitch of your being?

That kind of love, the earth shattering, life altering, soul clenching kind… It doesn’t go away. It just changes with time. It transforms. Maybe you aren’t in love anymore, but do you ever stop having that “thing” for them?

That “thing” seems to never go away. It’s right there under the surface, ready to knock the wind out of your chest at a moments notice. It’s unexpected, undefinable.

How long does that take to go away?

Does it ever? 

by Ashley King

© All Rights Reserved 2016


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