I Don’t Have All the Answers

I don’t have all the answers. I never have. However, a lot of people in my life seem to think I do. I’m not sure if this comes from them thinking I somehow know more than them because of the vast amount of life experience I have or if it’s just the opinion that my demeanor inspires. Who knows? But I’ve noticed the common thread over the years. Whatever the reason, I don’t allow people to think I know everything, because I don’t and I never will. So long as I realize that and stay open-minded I’ll remain teachable and that is an invaluable asset.

Nothing is worse than the person that you can’t say anything to because “they already know everything”. Ego and self importance are the killers of growth. We can’t evolve without humility and the open-mindedness to learn new things. If we don’t possess these qualities then occasionally life will beat a lesson into us. I’ve seen this happen just as much. Someone refuses to learn or grow, they know it all and can’t be told anything. Then a lesson they desperately need to learn is taught to them the hard way. I’ve been this guy before. It is not a good time. Life is much easier if lived with humility and open-mindedness. The ability to hear other’s ideas and thoughts and apply them to your own life with the intention of bettering it… That is an ability I admire greatly. I have much more respect for these people than those that think they know better than anyone else. Even when life proves them wrong time and time again, they hold onto to their ego like a warm blanket of disillusionment.  If you want to learn from other’s mistakes instead of your own then remaining teachable and open to criticism and taking suggestions is the way to do it.

It’s not always easy to hear other people’s suggestions for our lives or any given situation. It’s not always fun to admit that alone, we don’t know much. Even the most intelligent among us have a world of things they could learn. Recognizing this and embracing it gives us room to grow. As a child I wouldn’t let anyone teach or tell me anything. I was so jaded by life already that I wanted nothing to do with bettering it. My stubbornness came from a place in me where I truly believed that my life would always be horrible. Being as it’s Mother’s Day, I’m naturally going to write about my mommy. She was the person who taught me to be teachable (Ironic right?). She watched (and let) life whip my ass multiple times so that I could learn to grow through it and gain a little humility. After this happened she was always there to give me the life lesson and/or suggestions I so obviously needed. Over the years I learned that I needed to apply her wisdom to my life if I didn’t want to constantly get the shit kicked out of me by life.  So I started listening. I took suggestions, I tried new things. I grew and matured and developed. Now I know that being teachable is the most valuable asset a person can have or in my case, learn. That’s just my humble opinion of course, but I believe many would agree with me.  I respect those who are open-minded and willing to learn and grow above most others. I think it takes balls to say you don’t know shit and to practice the willingness to listen to others. That is worthy of respect. Again, just my opinion. What do ya’ll think?

To all the Mothers out there including my own:


by Ashley Hebner

© All Rights Reserved 2016


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Have All the Answers

  1. My grandfather told me one night, as we were sitting on the front porch of his home in Boone, NC star gazing, “The day we don’t learn something new is a day wasted, not worth living”. I have always taken that lesson to heart. I am honored to be able to pass on that wisdom. Like many mothers, I have feelings of self-doubt. Thank you for showing me my value and worth. I love you.

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