Love of My Life

I can still taste
your skin on my lips,
And feel the touch of your tongue,
Grazing my hips.
I always get lost,
In memories like this,
I can’t tell if it’s a dream,
Or if I’m really this blessed.
There’s this sweet ecstasy,
That come from your kiss,
It’s the highest of highs,
But all there is is the bliss.
We were drawn to each other,
A chemical reaction,
And since that day,
I can’t begin to imagine.
What my life would be like,
Had I not met you,
You’re the single greatest gift,
That I could ever pursue.
You’re my light in the dark,
And the shine in my stars,
The center to my crazy,
And the beat in my heart.
You’re the perfect match,
For my spirit to love,
And while I don’t think I deserve you,
I’ll never give you up.
You cant begin to imagine,
All the hurt I’ve endured,
And as a child I wondered,
What was life even for.
But then you came strolling in,
With that smile and those eyes,
And all the sudden I felt something,
I had a reason to fight.
Because if every dark day,
Got me one of our nights,
Then everything I faced,
I would do again twice.
Because any path leading to you,
Will always be right.
You were once just a stranger,
Who’s now the love of my life.

Dedicated to Ryan, who has my heart and soul.

by Ashley Hebner
© All Rights Reserved 2016


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