Ask Me Anything Monday

Okay, okay I forgot yesterday. My bad. So here’s your chance to Ask Me Anything 🙂 Again, there’s no limitations or rules and it doesn’t have to be on any specific subjects. It’s just to start conversation about whatever we feel like discussing in an open, accepting environment 🙂 

Also, feel free to participate in Tell Me Anything Tursday too. You can ask some and tell some, whatever you’d like. Other than that, good morning WordPress! 


11 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything Monday

  1. Thinking about ways to remind myself about MS Mondays. It seems to me that the first time I responded to MS Monday was on a Monday that I happened to be on and found your poist. Today is Friday. I’ve been lost in life-stuff for the last few days and even though I vaguely recall signing on to WP as “a way to vent” a few days ago or so and also vaguely recall writing more than expected, something happened and I kept drifting further and further away from my laptop. I don’t recall turning it off or signing off so my computer did whatever it does when I don’t pay attention to her after an hour or a few….
    Today I wondered what happened with the writing I did that day. I’ve been looking in ” drafts “, been looking at older entries thinking that I might have “edited” one of those and in essence and in reality created an addendum to an older entry.. But so far I can’t find the writings from that day.
    I’ll tell myself to “STOP” because I notice that this entry already has several different directions that it is headed. Maybe I just need to ask if you have any suggestions for reminding myself to write my Monday questions to you. Should I set an alarm, write it on a calendar, ask someone to remind me??? And of course I can do as I am doing now which is create a virtual Monday and just write my questions when I’m on the computer and I think about something I’d like to ask you. ( in full disclosure, sometimes I think that questions arise that I would like to ask and it doesn’t matter so much who I ask. I just want someone to give me perspective, or a perspective) So I reduced a few sentences to one question.So my question is about Monday’s

    Any suggestions?


    1. Sure. I would probably put a reminder on my phone. That’s how I remind myself of everything I forget lol. Or on a calendar. Also, the AMA Monday’s are open all week so don’t hesitate to ask anything you want any other day of the week as well :).


      1. I missed the Monday question once again and I recall you saying something like: you can ask questions anytime.
        So: I simply wanted to send a message to you instead of posting. I have no idea if this is posted for all to see or if I am messaging you. Sometimes I would like my questions or comments to be one on one. Is that possible? If so how?


  2. I think a small leaf on your risk sounds really cute but what does it mean to you? Or is it just to be cute? And as far as the “tattoo stealing” I can only assume that you mean getting a tattoo you saw on someone else. I have two thoughts on that:
    1. If the person got it custom drawn but somebody just for them, don’t copy it. They did it that way just so no one else would have it.
    2. As a tattoo artist I can tell you people copy tattoos ALL THE TIME. Most of the time they either copy it off google or a friend and a million other people have it anyway. So it’s really no big deal. People always bitch about stuff but anyone in the industry will tell you that there’s at least 10-15 tattoos that they’ve done more than 5-6 times depending on what work the do. I once did this lily and stars combo 7 TIMES. all within a year of each other. It happened because it was on the first google page when you searched lilies. I told each person and they all did minuscule things to “change” it like remove a few stars or change the size etc. But at the end of the day it was the exact same tattoo, in the exact same spot, on 7 different women.


  3. Should I get a tattoo? I kind of want one but a lot of people told me that it wasn’t worth it. I wanted a small leaf on my wrist but people thought it sounds weird. I would love your opinion! Also, what are your thoughts on “tattoo stealing.” Do you believe that it’s wrong?


    1. Define what you mean by tattoo stealing because I wasn’t aware you could steal one lol. As a tattoo artist and a person with many tattoos, i always advocate for getting them but get something that means something to you. Something you’ll still want in 10, 50 years. Get it don’t by a reputable artist in a clean shop.


    1. I have. Many people have told me to write a book about my life. I’ve started to 2-3 times but it’s white the commitment and I end up torturing myself about what should and should not be included. One day I will, in time.


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