Tell Me Anything Tuesday

Give me your stories, your secrets, your random ramblings. Dump your shit here and I will read it without judgement and respond with love and acceptance (or hysterical laughter depending on what you choose to share). There are no limitations, boundaries, or rules. You can tell me… ANYTHING 🙂

Let’s see if anyone responds…

by Ashley Hebner

© All Rights Reserved 2016


18 thoughts on “Tell Me Anything Tuesday

  1. I feel kind of bad for saying this, but I hate kids and it would be my literal worst nightmare to get pregnant and give birth. I know that I am in the minority here, because not a lot of people agree with me. They say, “Oh, you’ll change your mind later.” or “How could you not want kids!? They are so cute!” Like okay fine some are cute but what is the purpose? Because they are cute? I feel like there’s something wrong with me because I genuinely don’t want children. Is this weird?


    1. In my opinion? There’s NOTHING wrong with you. I have always wanted kids but that’s me. Not you. We live in a society that still thinks that’s what women “are for” and I think that makes some people push it down others throats. If you think about it, it’s a bit insane that people would answer your honest wants about your own life with “oh that’ll change”, as if you don’t already know what you want. My sister always said she didn’t want kids. She wanted to donate her eggs to women who couldn’t have any and call it a day. I think that has since changed but that’s how she was for years and unfortunately I am guilty of saying that it would probably change for her when I was a kid. I just didn’t get it because I’m one of those people who desperately wants children some day. Since then I have grown as a person and learned a lot though and I don’t think you’re strange or wrong whatsoever. You have the right to be and not be whatever you want. If you hate kids, don’t have them 🙂 that has always been and will always be, your choice.

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      1. Thank you for your lovely response. Okay, I don’t hate kids, but I would hate having my own, you know? I think other’s kids are (most of the time) cute and sweet, but to me, it would be a nightmare to take care of them. I feel like I would be restricted, and we have 150,000,000 orphans in this world, so if anything, people should adopt children instead of having their own. They could really save lives that way. 🙂


        1. Yes they really could but human biology doesn’t seem to care. Everyone wants their own. I would like to have two of my own and one adopted some day. I want to help a kid growing up in a bad situation like my mommy helped me when she took me in.

          Speaking of mommy, like she always says “Kids are great! Especially when you can give them back at the end of the night!” Lol

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          1. Human biology? Humans seem to put themselves on a higher stool than animals usually, but now they are using the “human biology” to justify getting their own kid? (BTW this is not directed at you. I’m talking about in general) Humans are born with very intelligent minds, so we need to start looking at the bigger picture, you know? Not just our own lives. Having children affects not just us, but the Earth and everyone around us. If I could have kids without consequences, I would, but since we are overpopulating for the sake of our wants, it just doesn’t seem right. I still don’t understand why people even want children. I am happy that your mother took you in. She is a great woman. Very selfless. I admire her. 🙂


  2. Great post, love putting it out to the readers! Hmmm…but what can I tell you? How about this…
    Yesterday, my little man (7) got suspended from school. Worst mum moment to date!! My son can be the sweetest kid, so full of love, hugs and kisses, tells me he loves lots of times a day (prob gets that from me!) He’s been an up and down kid always, doesn’t deal well with change and had communication issues (ear, nose, throat infections lots as a toddler) and still doesn’t have the ability to deal with difficult situations. I am hoping this is the one and only suspension he/I have to deal with!!


      1. Couldn’t he have waited til high school tho???😉 as for the what, he was involved in a physical incident with another boy and a few girls. Hitting and kicking etc 😦 Def not condoning his behaviour, nor is the punishment not justified. Just a sad moment for me (tho he’s feeling pretty sad about it all now too, hopefully lesson learnt!)


  3. This is an interesting one, I like the thought of this but I can’t think of anything, my head had gone blank. It’s like ANYTHING goes… but what are you expecting?

    For now I’ll go with this – I’m not a hateful person but there are about four people on this world that I have a seething hatred of. I know it’s bad, but I have it and I often imgaine killing them in the most awful ways. I wish I never had these thoughts but I can’t help it.


        1. I just started it last week! And yes it’s a weekly thing. The idea for it and Ask Me Anything Monday’s just struck me and while the AMAM have been more successful I’m going to keep it going till April and only stop if one or both of them doesn’t do well.

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