Beautiful Days, Good Tunes, and Seasonal Affective Disorder…

It was such a beautiful day today. What is it about these days, where the air is warm and soft, wrapping us in it’s spring scented arms, that makes us feel like everything will be alright? I for one, hate the winter. It makes me hurt in places I didn’t know could and has always had a depressive effect on me. (Hello seasonal affective disorder, much?) 

But when the days get warmer, that is when I feel as if all is right in the world, life is beautiful, and I can do anything. There’s something about that smell in the air, the warmth of the sun on my skin, and driving with the windows down and music turned way up that just makes me feel like a more complete person. Am I alone in this? 

Most of my fondest memories happened in the spring or summer and I remember the weather from those days as well as the memory itself. Driving down Route 10, windows down, sun roof open, ZZ Ward blaring through the speakers, and the smell, that amazing summer smell all around me, with the sun beating on my face and chest. Even in the dead of winter hearing ZZ Ward’s music reminds me of that day and puts me in a great mood. 

Am I the only one who feels like this? Even when horrible shit is going on, if I can walk outside and feel the sun on my face and smell that air, everything will seem better. I can’t be the only one. What do you guys think?

by Ashley Hebner

© All Rights Reserved 2016


10 thoughts on “Beautiful Days, Good Tunes, and Seasonal Affective Disorder…

  1. As my summer is nearing an end, and I get ready to welcome the cold wet months ahead, take pity on me as my partner is the same as you! Lol. Enjoy the new beginnings that spring brings 🙂


          1. I know nothing about that but there’s always online shopping isn’t there? Lol. And you have violet crumble so you win! Every time! My mom gets me some every single Christmas and it’s allll I want lol

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          2. Oh no, there’s no violet crumble in the U.S.?? Count me out for a visit then😳😉 I have an obsession with guess handbags, non sale price here starts at $100-$150/$200. I know the many outlet stores you have, they are a quarter of the price. We never have them that cheap here, I wait til their on sale for $80-$120, refuse to pay more coz I’m a tightass lol.


  2. Today was a very refreshing day feeling the warm breezes and seeing people active again after months of hibernation. I couldn’t agree with you more. I spend many months of the year driving to and from work in the darkness. It takes a huge toll on our spirits. One of the things I appreciate most is how the days get longer and we’re blessed with more hours of sunlight.


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