Morning Mindfulness

Good morning WordPress! This one is actually going to be a short one today as I have to drive 2 hours to get to work, not 20 minutes. I came up to Allentown last night to support a friend of mine who’s going through some trauma and ended up just staying overnight. It was great to see her though. 

On another note, I finally didn’t wake up with a migraine! Granted now everything else hurts but getting this one small reprieve makes it all seem better in a way. So needless to say, I’m fucking happy for that!

On another note part 2, all of you are beautiful. All of you are strong. You are unique and necessary. A part of this world unlike any other part. Don’t believe the bullshit people will try to pile drive down your throats. You’re absolutely amazing just they way you are. You are accepted and empathized with. Not judged but appreciated. Your contributions to this site and this life are special and worthwhile and I hope that this gives you at least one smile. You are worth it. You are perfect. Just. The. Way. You. Are. Good morning. 🙂

by Ashley Hebner

© All Rights Reserved 2016


3 thoughts on “Morning Mindfulness

  1. Hey Kiddo, please put a date on your Morning Mindfulness posts. The way my memory is shot, I get 1/2 way through before I realize I already read it. I read your blog EVERY day.
    I love you and I’m so very VERY proud of you. (Do I say that too much? Tough shit. I enjoy telling you every day, multiple times a day, that I love you and I’m proud of you.)


  2. You’re most welcome 🙂 and god knows we all need it some days. I had a moment where I was like “Is this cheesy? Should I write this? It’s so cliche?” And then I said fuck it and posted it anyway 🙂


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