The Perfect Job and the Creepy Pervert

I’m emotionally overwhelmed today. As some of you may know I’ve  been looking for a good job for a few months now. I spent the last week working as a temporary Administrative Assistant for this company and I really enjoyed it. I mainly helped them get ready for an audit, created forms, filed paperwork and anything else they needed. Maybe it will seem stupid to some but I enjoy that kind of work. Creating documents and file folders and filling them away in perfect order. It’s like a massive playground for my OCD to run wild. To top it off, I can wear whatever I want to work, make as much coffee as I want, cuss like a sailor, have my tattoos showing, and bust balls with the guys all day. I seriously looked forward to getting there each day. I haven’t felt like that since I was 19 and working in a tattoo shop with people I considered to be family. Being chronically ill, I can’t function in jobs that are too physical anymore or inevitably my performance goes down as the job takes it’s physical toll. I can’t work shitty jobs for under $10/hr. because I have bills and I hate waitressing, bartending, etc. anymore. I’m a tattoo artist with experience in a fuck load of different things and that doesn’t always serve me. I’m really, really good at a lot of stuff but I need someone to give me a chance in order to prove it. This temp job gave me that chance. I blew the other temp girl out of the water while simultaneously explaining her job to her when she didn’t understand our boss’ 3rd and 4th explanations. I ended up having to redo all the work she did do. She was a nightmare but I busted my ass and loved every second of it.

Move forward 1 day after my last shift at the temp job. I interview for a Vape Shop (yes I vape). They owner is creepy and tells me he likes to hire sexy girls and that he wants girls who will “use their assets to make him money” and “dress sexy” and apparently him saying this was okay because “if he makes money, we all make money”. Nonetheless, call me old school, but I don’t like feeling like a piece of meat for $400 a week, or any other amount. Hard. Pass. You paying me what equates to $9/hr. wouldn’t be enough if I was okay with what you said, which I’m not. Men who think they can put a number on a woman’s self respect are everything that’s wrong with this world today. He told me the rest of his employees worked their first month free because “that’s what people who are committed to the job do”. Committed to the job?! How about “Fuck you”? That’s what a desperate, naïve, 19 year old girl did for you. Not me. I wish I could tell this other beautiful young girl that he has working for him that she deserves better. That the way he treats her is not the way a respectable man or boss should treat a young woman. That everything about how he runs his business is against labor laws and that she could sue the shit out of him if he’s anything like he was with me with her. The man’s a pig. The “interview” took 4 hours which he called “volunteering”. He was upset that if I took the job I would have to give my other job my notice and wouldn’t be able to start that second and he was all around just super creepy. I literally left there feeling like I needed a shower and a meeting. It was awful.

The Up Side: While I was there my boss from the temp job called and asked if I was taking the Vape Shop job or another one that I had interviewed for. I told him no. He asked me to come in and speak to him today. Along with this being a job I absolutely love, the boss is awesome. He’s married with a baby, he never disrespected me one time. We can joke around in the sick and twisted way I’m accustomed to but, he still shows respect and doesn’t cross boundaries. It’s an environment I enjoy immensely and would love to work in on a full time basis. I WANT THIS JOB, SO BAD I CAN TASTE IT.

So, send me some good juju today guys. This is what I want. This is what I’ve been looking for for years now and because someone finally gave me a chance, I may actually get it…


9 thoughts on “The Perfect Job and the Creepy Pervert

  1. I’ve summonsed the Mighty God of Great Employment JuJu.
    He smiled, and then shot a lightning bolt through my ass for waking him up.
    That’s commitment.


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